Protect Your Family

Nothing is more important than protecting your home & property, your personal assets, and most of all, your family. While we shouldn't live in fear, steps can be taken to increase our personal security. Our custom solutions will give you ultimate protection from unwanted intruders at an affordable price.

Even if you are not home, our solutions give you the ability to monitor your home's camera system remotely via computer or your smart phone.

Local Crime Statistics

The Baton Rouge Police Department's 2010 crime statistics for East Baton Rouge Parish resonate the need to take necessary steps secure our home and businesses.

  Assault/Battery 1,270
  Burglary 2,077
  Damage to Property 1,847
  Fights    792
  Motor Vehicle Theft    816
  Prowler      12
  Robbery    197
  Sexual Offenses      94
  Shots Fired/Shooting 1,006
  Theft / Shoplifting 5,985
  Vehicle Burglary 1,415